Village Payroll does more than just weekly paychecks. We are essentially a full service HR company. From Workers’ Comp resources to recruiting necessities, our services complement everything from statewide companies to local small businesses. Find out more about everything Village Payroll has to offer. Extensive details are provided on individual service pages linked below.


Payroll goes beyond sending a paycheck out a couple times a month. Village Payroll takes on the task of managing tax information, reports, and individual employee needs. Our services include: federal and state tax report processing, certified payroll, deductions and garnishments, PTO reporting, paperless options, employee self-service access, direct deposit, and access to hundreds of reports including tax liability summaries, expense summaries, and time sheets. 

Online Recruiting

We understand recruiting can be a long and strenuous process. Village Payroll’s online recruiting features allow you to manage and fill IRS forms, post job listings through multiple channels, and manage people applying to your company. The interview process is made more efficient by allowing you to pre-screen your applicants and send background checks. Save time and money by only interviewing top applicants. 

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance made easy. Electronic time cards allow you to focus on other important tasks and reduce pay inaccuracies. Our system provides a log of reports such as overtime, missed punches, tracking, and tardiness. Have complete control over time management for your staff’s payroll.

Workers' Comp 

Village Payroll provides Workers’ Compensation insurance to companies and small businesses through an affordable pay-as-you-go plan. Protect you and your employees with easy to manage coverage options. With a number of carriers and pricing, we have options available for every company size.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Village Payroll helps manage compliance with the Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA; the most recent laws involving health insurance for American citizens. ACA OnDemand provides required tax forms and helps reduce the administrative burden of compliance needs. We give you the ability to file information through IRS files and manage payroll data.

Human Resources

HR services are provided through our HR Support Center to alleviate the burden on your current HR staff and to help provide essential features to increase efficiency. We provide important, commonly used documentation and access to information regarding compliance, federal and state laws, practices, and descriptions. Additionally, we offer the HR ON-DEMAND service with access to HR specialists and customization options. 

Village Payroll Mobile App

Our My Employer on the GO app has a ton of features to ensure your payroll management is accurate and efficient. The mobile dashboard allows you to make announcements for your employees, and for your employees to manage their personal information. The app allows your employees to clock in and out to increase accuracy, and allows you to GPS track where someone is clocking in and out from. The timesheet is accessible and shows you daily or week to week pay periods and their accompanying paystubs. Requesting time off is as easy as the click of a few buttons. View benefit statements and employee directories all in one place.