We would like to have your time in before 4:00 PM EST.

If you need an exception for that week please let us know ahead of time so we can staff accordingly.

I accidentally left someone off the timesheet. What do I do to get the employee a paycheck?

You have two options. We can calculate the check for you and you can write the employee a manual check (their year-to-date information will be correct on their next pay stub); or, we can cut a check at our office at an additional charge.

2020 Payroll-Related Rate Tables









What is Simply ACA?

This product is designed for employers who employee base are All SALARY, All Full Time. This product should NOT(again SHOULD NOT) be used for employers who have a large employee base that consists of a combination of Hourly and Salary Employees

The Product does notallow for the creation of a Measurement Period

The Product does not generate 1095’s for any employee who’s employee type is Part Time. Only Full Time employees with that employee type have 1095s generate.

What is ACA Compliance Center?

this product is the Full Service Offering and is designed for any type of client that has either all salary, all hourly, or a combination of both.

The product will generate 1095s for any employee who was offered health care coverage and was an active employee on payroll within the year

The product allows for the creation of a Measurement Period in order to track the hourly part time employees to determine if they are given an ACA Status (Calculated Full Time, Calculated Part Time, Assigned Full Time, Assigned Part Time).

The Calculated Full Time ACA Status would imply that the Part Time Employee is now going to be included in the ALE Status Count since the employee now becomes a Full Time Equivalent